What is a Nutrition and Health Coach?

What is a Nutrition and Health Coach ? Your questions answered

Diet NutritionWhat is a Nutrition and Health Coach? 

Many hear the title Nutrition Coach, Nutritionist and Dietitian and do not know how they differ. Well I am  here to help.

Nutrition And Health Coach

The terms Nutrition Coach, Health Coach and Wellness Coach are used interchangeably. Nutrition and Health Coach Certificates and diplomas are awarded by private institutions and are offered by a wide variety of sources. To become a Nutrition or Health Coach, you are required to learn and study the given material by the institute, attend lessons, submit assignments, pass tests and complete and pass a final exam. After completing the program requirements, a health or nutrition coach certificate or diploma is awarded. 


In contrast to a Nutrition Coach, a registered dietitian is a title that is accredited and achieved by studying a bachelor’s degree, completing an internship and requires to work under supervised dietetics practices. Dietitians are trained to work within hospitals and clinics and treat patients with severe illness’ and chronic diseases. A dietitian can focus and specialize in a particular field within the industry including Nutrition in which some then develop the title as a Nutritionist (Different to a Nutrition Coach).

What do you need? 

When it comes down to one over the other, it really depends on your needs and your price range.

If your needs are to develop a healthier you, have a working relationship, human connection and consistent support, I would advise that you lean towards a Nutrition Coach. By asking sincere questions, expressing compassion and being a steady source of support, they help guide their clients around obstacles so they can achieve their goals. Some Nutrition Coaches may use different types of practices including psychology and holistic approaches.

If your needs are connected to medical issues where you would need constant check-ups with blood tests and medical assistance, I would recommend you see a Dietitian.

Although a dietitian is just as or more qualified with basic health coaching , they tend to have a bigger price tag due to their overall qualification where as a Nutrition Coach has spent probably half the amount of time and cost studying their profession making them the more affordable option.

A good Nutrition coach will spend the time working with a client and if they sense the need for a more medical approach they would recommend or refer the client to a registered dietitian.

How to decide?

As I mentioned before, it comes down to personal need. But if I could suggest one thing it would be to get in contact with whom you wish to pursue a future working relationship with. Both professionals would be more than happy to answer your questions and basic concerns before making a booking to ensure you are getting what you need either via email or over the phone.

Whichever outcome you decide on just know that you are doing the right thing for yourself by consulting a professional about your health and nutritional needs. Not everyone is willing to admit that they need help when it comes to nutrition and health and by taking the first step by contacting a Nutrition Coach or Dietitian you are already heading down the right path to a healthier, happier you.


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