Amanda Booth-Nutrition and Health Coach

Amanda offers services custom for each client and their own personal journey as well as public speaking appearances.

Services offered include:

  • One-on-one Coaching- which includes¬†Nutrition Coaching,¬†Movement Coaching, Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind, Body Nutrition Coaching.
  • Eating Disorder Coaching- this specialised coaching integrates some of the most compelling eating challenges of our times and allows me to take your hand and guide you through a possible recovery and into a happy and healthy life.
  • Group or Private Sessions are available for family and friends who need help in understanding and assisting a loved one with an Eating Disorder.
  • Keynote speeches- allows Amanda to present herself and her story as a recovered anorexic and shed light on the importance of self love and acceptance. This service is targeted for teenagers and young adults as well as parents.